Breastfeeding Support

Help mothers to breastfeed effectively
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Breastfeeding has numerous benefits for the child, the mom, and the nation at large. It provides the ideal nutrition for infants. When breastfeeding (BF) is done appropriately, it lowers infants’ risk for infections, respiratory diseases, diarrhea, and child stunting. It contributes to children’s psychomotor development. Breastfed infants have a lower risk of diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers in adult years. A healthy infant grows to become a healthy and productive adult able to contribute to the nation’s economy.

Protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding in our communities will enable the realisation of the full benefits of breastfeeding. However, as natural as breastfeeding is, it is not so simple to implement. This explains why many moms who wish to breastfeed their babies experience frustration, do it inappropriately or give up on breastfeeding.

The goal of the breastfeeding project is to facilitate the implementation of the tenth step to successful breastfeeding by strengthening capacity development in BF support for community health workers (CHWs) and ensuring that moms have timely access to adequate BF support.

The objectives of our breastfeeding support project are:

1. To provide training in breastfeeding support to CHWs in Tshwane district, Gauteng, South Africa.

2. To engage with moms for BF support through the clinics and the WBA’s phone-based system.

3. To facilitate the establishment of breastfeeding support groups through the Flourish franchise.

4. To connect moms with a breastfeeding support group in the local community.

5. To establish a network of breastfeeding counsellors equipped with knowledge and skills to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding.