Facilitation of food voucher support


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, 20% of households in South Africa already had insufficient food1.  With, loss of employment, interruption of the informal economy, rising food prices brought about by the lockdown due to the pandemic, household food insecurity worsened. This situation could potentially increase malnutrition with the associated ills. The CoCare Vouchers is an initiative to help people who needed food assistance during the lockdown. Also, it serves as a business opportunity for community spaza shops, thereby empowering the informal economies. The vouchers were used to purchase food and essential goods at local shops that have Flash machines; these shops were designated to accept the vouchers. This goodwill was extended to the CCWs and many of the CCWs served by WBA benefitted between March and May 2021.

Mode of operation

We submitted a database of the eligible CCWs that we are serving. The CCWs received the electronic voucher (R250 in value) through SMS on their phones. The vouchers were redeemable within 2 weeks. The support provided substantial relief for the CCWs.


The management of WBA is deeply grateful for the opportunity to facilitate this support and hereby expresses appreciation to the DGMT for the initiative and funding.

1 http://www.statssa.gov.za/?p=12135