Report – Prevention and Management of Teenage Pregnancy Symposium

January 5, 2024 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

The discussions at the symposium emphasised the need for a multi-stakeholder approach including education, healthcare, community, and policy support to address the various causes and consequences of teenage pregnancy.

Well Being Africa Strategic Plan 2023 to 2027

November 8, 2023 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

The next five years starting from January 2023, are projected to demand significant interventions to support community well-being. The past few years have unravelled many direct sources of human suffering in South African and African communities. However, it is doubtful that the conflicts, challenges,...

Audited Financial Statement

June 28, 2023 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

The annual financial statements set out on page 8, which have been prepared on the going concern basis, were approved by the Board and were signed on its behalf by the Chairperson

Annual Report 2022/23

June 28, 2023 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

With great pleasure, we present the 2022 annual report for Well Being Africa covering our activities to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals in our target communities in South Africa. At Well Being Africa, we believe everyone, especially the vulnerable, deserves access to necessities, including nutrition support,...

Factsheet -Women’s Rights to Breastfeeding Under Article 14 of the Maputo Protocol

June 22, 2023 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

Article 14 (2) (a) & (b) of the MP requires that States Parties: Ensure that women can access the necessary information, education, and counselling support to effectively breastfeed their children. Establish and strengthen existing pre- and post-natal health and nutritional services for women during pregnancy...

Well Being Africa’s Safeguarding Policy

September 5, 2022 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

Well Being Africa's Safeguarding Policy confirms the commitment of WBA to protecting the rights and safety of all persons, especially vulnerable individuals, notably women, girls, and children. WBA will maintain zero tolerance for harm, deprivation, harassment, bullying, abuse, and exploitation.

Audited Financial Statement 2019

July 21, 2022 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

Well Being Africa Codes of Ethics

July 13, 2022 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

Well Being Africa is committed to protecting its employees, partners, funders, affiliates, and the organisation from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. WBA will not tolerate any wrongdoing or indecency at any time, and it would take appropriate measures to...

2021/22 Annual Report

May 16, 2022 wellbeingafrica_hf0ck3

Well Being Africa (WBA) continues to thrive in its mission of optimising human existence through nutrition, psychosocial support and skill training interventions.

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